How to Become an FTF Warrior Ambassador

FTF Warrior is very selective in who is chosen to represent our movement. We are a company focused on serving the diabetic community while empowering all to live their best lives. If you are a “Fearless diabetic”, a leader in your community, and feel purpose in helping others, then this is the right place for you.

Below are a few guidelines to keep in mind for your submission:

  • Ambassadors MUST have diabetes

  • Ambassadors put others first

  • Ambassadors must have completed at least 1 FTF Warrior Program or attended an event

  • Tell us a few examples of how you #LiveFearlessly

  • Tell us what you are doing in your community

  • Tell us 1 fun fact about you

Name *

Why so Serious?

Feel free to get creative and show us your personality!