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How Logging Data Can Help Improve Your Diabetes Control

One of the best ways that I’ve found helps me manage my diabetes is to make sure that I log everything from blood sugars, to insulin doses, to the food that I eat. It sounds painstaking, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Having data will help you make more informed decisions. And the more informed your decisions are, the better your control will be over your diabetes, thus, you’ll feel better (I hope)!

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As a type 1 diabetic myself, I know the struggle of will power too well. Before I was diagnosed with diabetes, my diet consisted of what most teenage boys eat: pizza, ice cream, soda, hot dogs, top ramen, etc. I ate like crap, but I didn’t see any consequences, so I didn’t think twice. That all changed when I got diabetes. EVERY food choice I made affected me one way or another. Eating foods like pizza and ice cream aren’t great for blood glucose levels. Thus, the struggle between my cravings and my will power to resist began. Spoiler alert: will power failed me.

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