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Like everyone else, I’m sure that you decided to make a few New Year’s Resolutions. You may have been joking, or it may have been your attempt at starting something BIG to change your life. But why do so many resolutions fail? And why do we continue to fall into the same patterns year after year? 

Ultimately, it’s not just about 1 secret. It’s about creating an atmosphere for success. But how do we do that? I’ll tell ya, and in general it comes down to 4 aspects of daily life.

1. Set Realistic Goals (and deadlines)

2. Determine your “WHY”

3. Make it public (and find accountability)

4. Create a successful environment



1. Set Realistic Goals (and deadlines)

When you start any project or undertaking of any kind, you simply must start with the creation of goals. No? So you just start doing a series of random tasks until you end up with the perfect final product accidentally? Didn’t think so. You begin by thinking of what you want. Identify the final product and be as specific as possible. Which do you think would yield better results for me right now.. 1.) I want to finish this blog eventually? OR 2.) I will finish this blog by 3 pm today? Yup, the more specific goal with an established deadline will ALWAYS out perform the generic goals with no deadlines. So here we are at step one, what are your specific New Year’s Resolution goals? What is your specific deadline? Write it down. Make it known to yourself.

2. Determine your “WHY”

After setting your goals (and deadlines) we see a drop off in will power over time that leads to failed attempts towards our goals. “But I thought my motivation and will power were incredibly strong!” I was so confident in myself this time! Well.. it’s because your “WHY” wasn’t strong enough. But What is a WHY and WHY does it matter so much? Your “WHY” is the reason you want to accomplish your goals.. Actually it’s the reason you NEED to accomplish your goals! It is something that drives you to get out of bed when you are dead tired. It is something that pushes you to chase your goals, even when you’ve had the worst day imaginable. A bad example of a “WHY” – I want to get healthy because everyone else is doing it. A good example of a “WHY” – I need to lose 20 pounds of fat because my doctor said if I don’t I run the risk of a heart attack and I need to be alive for my kids. Do you notice the difference? Which one do you think would motivate you more? Figure out Your New Year’s Resolution “WHY” and write that down.


3. Make it Public (and find accountability)

So you’ve made your goal and found your “WHY” but haven’t told anyone.. What are your chances of success? If you were to stop in your tracks right now and go after your goal, you’d still have a decent chance of completing them because the first two steps are a great place to start. But why give yourself a decent chance of success when you could guarantee success? Step three is to make it public. No, I’m not talking about going on tv or to the newspapers and shouting from the rooftops. I’m talking about telling your close friends and family about your new goals. Consider posting it on Facebook or emailing your co-workers. I know it seems scary, but this will give you added accountability to complete your goals. People will periodically check in on you to see how you are doing and with your natural desire to please others and look good, you will want to have good things to report. You would rather tell them that things are going great, which in turn will motivate you to actually follow through. Second, find an actual accountability partner. Someone close to you that can check in via text, a phone call, or even in person to make sure that you are remaining on track with your deadlines and goals.

4. Create a Successful Environment

The lack of a successful environment can often be the biggest roadblock. Think about it like this: if an alcoholic decided to give up alcohol and decided their goal, their “WHY”,  and told all their friends (made it public), but still decided to go out every night with their drinking buddies to the same bar.. that they would  succeed? Or would they fail? Chances are pretty good that they would fail, time and time again. So if your goal is to lose weight, it may be beneficial to empty your house of tempting junk foods. If your goal is to get more physically fit, maybe hang out with your friends that prefer to go for a hike for fun instead of the friends that play video games all weekend. If you surround yourself with the types of people that have similar goals and/or lifestyles to what you are trying to achieve, your chances of success will skyrocket. It is a tough transition, but using these four steps in conjunction with each other is a true recipe for success.



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