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Welcome to the “From the Fight” blog. The past few weeks we have been talking about what it means to be “healthy” holistically in society. Today we will be discussing Water and the effects it has on our bodies. I asked Chris Allen, who is a distributor with Enagic USA and is also my brother, to write this post because he has a lot of great insight on the subject

Water is just water right?

We’ve all heard this at least once in our lives and theoretically, it makes sense. However, if I were to ask you to give me a nice tall glass of toilet water…that’s right…toilet water, then you would think I am bit crazy!

My point is that IT MATTERS where the water has been and IT MATTERS what is in the water. I’m going to breakdown the 3 different types of WATER:

1) Bottled Water: Not only is this killing our eco-system, but it is also causing damage to our bodies.

2) Tap Water: Easily the top source of unregulated water that the government loves to give it’s citizens.

3) Ionized Water: Revolutionary water that has been documented and used as Medical Equipment in Japan that is the top choice for health experts.

Let’s begin with Bottled Water


Bottled water must be healthy….

Many people drink bottled water because they believe it to be of a higher quality, cleaner and better-tasting, but that’s not necessarily true. The Food and Drug Administration, which regulates bottled water, only requires weekly testing and does not share its findings with the EPA or the public.

Some people feel safe because they drink bottled water or even alkaline bottled water. However, it's not that simple.

Make sure you read the ingredients. Deceptive labeling goes on even in the bottled water industry. If you're going to drink the bottled water, then you have to do the research. Review the label closely, and check out the manufacturer as well. But just remember that bottled water is always dead water because it sits on the shelves (sometimes in the sun) for many months before it reaches you.


What exactly is so bad about our tap water?

 Most tap water contains arsenic, fluoride, chlorine and a ton of other unhealthy toxins. So when we drink it we are actually consuming water that contains a mixture of toxic, poisonous chemicals that spells danger and at the very least overburdening work for our colons.


What is Ionized Water?

Ionized Water is water that is electrically produced from a device that is considered licensed medical device that was first produced in Japan over 40 years ago. The properties of the Ionized Water include Alkaline (Ph 8.5 – 9.5), very high in anti-oxidants, and micro-clustered in structure. You’ve most likely heard of Alkaline water, you may know of anti-oxidants and the amazing benefits (blueberries, etc.) BUT I doubt you’ve heard of micro-clustered water before…


This leads me back to my first question…water is just water right?

Micro-clustering is simply the reduction in the nuclear magnetic energy of the H2O molecule during the process of Electrolysis. A great example I can give is like throwing a baseball through a fence. 9/10 times, the baseball will not go past the fence because of the size. However, if you shoot b-b ammo towards the same fence, it will most likely go through the fence. Another example I have is if you have ever boiled water and left the stove on because you forgot about it. Once you come back to it, the water has completely evaporated and transitioned from large water to small water. That is the same effect this water has in our bodies and in our cells. Ionized micro-clustered water has the amazing ability to hydrate at a cellular level giving us premium hydration.

Ionized water supports the body’s natural healing process; it does not directly heal anything. It is an amazing supporter of overall wellness but cannot be expected to support healing our acidic bodies especially when we constantly feed on highly acidic foods/drinks and other non-supportive healthy habits.


So what should I do about my drinking water?

My advice is to seriously consider the type of water you want to drink. You are allowed to continue to do the same-ol’ and pay for it with your health later on in life. Another option you can consider is switching to Ionized Water made straight from your home.

There are tons of Ionizer companies out there but please do your own research. Our family has owned a Water Ionizer from a company called Enagic since 2009. Enagic is the only ionizer company that holds the Gold Seal from the Water Quality Association and has countless of other certifications and research studies performed by numerous health officials. This water has completely changed our lives and has allowed us to drink the best water in the entire world.

That wraps it up for our Ionized Water Is Healthy post. Hope you found it insightfu

l and hope you look into changing your water for your own good.

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