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We wanted to add a segment to our blog were calling “For Diabetics Only”. This is where we will post blogs specifically tailored toward diabetics. We plan on periodically posting these segments throughout the [BE HEALTHY] series, so make sure to subscribe because you won’t want to miss them! With that being said, let’s jump in to this blog posts topic: [EXERCISE FOR DIABETICS].

Why should diabetics care about exercise?

For a lot of people, not just diabetics, exercising is a struggle. Some people feel like they don’t have enough time to fit it in to their schedules, while others just flat out hate exercising. I used to be one of those people that hated it. I preferred to exercise via sports. I thought that “working out” was so boring. Then there came a point in my life where I no longer had access to playing sports regularly and I had a choice: either become a non-active person or continue being active by “working out”. Exercising, for me, is a good way to relieve stress and after making it a habit, I enjoy it now. Yes, I know I don’t have diabetes, but Matt does and exercise is a key component in his diabetes management.

So, why should you care about it? Well, regular exercise (about 30 minutes a day) has its perks; Exercise:

     -boosts your mood

     -lightens your weight

     -builds muscle, which burn calories

     -reduces stress, anxiety and depression

     -gives you more energy

     -makes you look great

     -makes you feel great

     -gives you a sense of accomplishment

On the other hand, not exercising can cause:

               -heart disease

              -high blood pressure

              -high blood fat levels



              -type 2 diabetes

Most of you reading this post either have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. While you might already have the disease, it’s not too late to start exercising. In fact, exercising is one of the best things you can do.

Being physically active helps you manage your condition by:

              -may lower/stabilize blood glucose

              -improving the body’s ability to use insulin

              -improving cardiovascular risk factors

              -reducing high blood pressure

              -raising your HDL, or “good,” cholesterol level

              -reducing high triglycerides levels

              -helping you lose weight or maintain a healthier weight.

Now that I have listed the reasons why exercise is good for you, here are some helpful tips on implementing it into your lifestyle today. 

1. Always warm up your muscles at the beginning of an activity session and cool down at the end. This will help prevent injury.

2. Keep exercise intensity (or effort) at a moderate and comfortable level. (But still challenge yourself.)

3. Set specific exercise goals and tell someone close to you so that they can hold you accountable. Start with small goals (i.e. walk 10 min a-day during after work or during lunch break) then work your way to big goals (i.e. walk 30-45 min a day after work or during lunch break)

4. The goal is to be active 150 minutes over a period of a week. We recommend you split that up into each day. Also, work your way toward this goal.

5. If time is an issue, try exercising in 10 minutes increments throughout the day to get to about 30 minutes total.

6. Do total body exercises that work big muscle groups (i.e. squats, lunges, chest press, seated row, push ups etc.) This will burn more fat and build your aerobic fitness.

7. It’s always a good idea to have your tester and some simple sugars on hand in case you have low blood sugars during a workout.

Today is the day to make a change. No more excuses. Start exercising and get healthy!


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